Ralo x Future - "My Brothers" (Official Music Video)

January 20, 2017


Oh no the cops are coming! dogs barking, while running through the forest trying to escape before its too late. Ralo and his brother have to cover their tracks while staying fresh at the same time in this sharp visual featuring the Altanta superstar Future. You can see the cops frustration at 1:29 once they realize they have lost the 2 suspects. The Brothers seem to have split up and the camera shows Ralo stepping into the passenger seat of a all black Lamborghini. Throughout the video Ralo and Future are seen standing on the roof of a building rapping but soon separate as well as the night falls. With the change of atmosphere it also brings for a change of clothes this could also be because the police are still on the hunt to make an arrest. 


Ralo makes it clear that he has loyalty to his brothers and will never tell anything even if he is caught, he is seen with his whole gang at 2:17 but also following that scene you can see the police may have gotten some new information about his wear-about's. When Future's final verse comes in the story begins to get even more interesting the driver that came to pick Ralo up was actually Future. They are seen coming out of the Lambo together heading to hang out with the rest of the gang while the police are still searching. The last scene shows Ralo picking up a pay phone but it is unclear as to who it could be on the other line.

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